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A static site is the most favorable modest opener for you to establish your Business online. The static website is simple website design which is cost effective and beneficial for the small enterprises or individual to expand their business through web.

Static website is also termed as Small Business Website and Brochure Websites and usually serves with an online demonstration thus enabling us to persuade the prospective customers to purchase our products or services. This type of website is suitable for those who need to constitute their web presence or just use it as a basis of intermediation to establish contact with the clients.

It is the easiest type of website to set up, but making changes to static websites require web programming knowledge. Static web design is best suited for sites that will not require updates often. Static websites can only be updated by someone with knowledge of website development.

Advantages of Static Web Site
  • Easy to Develop
  • Less Expansive as compare to Dynamic Web Site.
  • Quick to download images, brochures even on lower bandwidths.
  • Web layout is easily too changeable.
Disadvantages of Static Web Site
  • Static site will cost you more, if you want long run frequency of the updates.
  • Long change processes as you have to wait for a website designer to have the time to make your changes.
  • Relatively difficult to maintain when a site gets large.
  • Difficult to keep consistent and up to date.
  • Content can get motionless.

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